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Locally produced and written by the homeless and homeless supporters, The Oregon Vagabond gives people an insight on street life. It also instills pride in people who would otherwise be at a loss for healthy activities to pursue. Support our vendors!

The Oregon Vagabond’s mission is reducing homelessness and keep the streets a safe place to be.

In November of 2009, David Gerber (Editor-in Chief) began offering writing workshops and paying the homeless at Washington/Jefferson Park for their “Street Stories.” January 2010 was the release of our first edition of the Vagabond, which is provided to the homeless just above the printing cost so that they can earn an income.


We are excited to have an official city permit for distributing the paper at Kesey Plaza (Willamette/Broadway) and our vendors are at many other high traffic areas in the city. We are a member of the International Network Street Newspaper Association (INSP), which is an enterprise to assist us in our efforts to be a solution to poverty (112 street papers ● 40 countries ● 6 continents ● 1 united voice against poverty). With over 100 street papers operating throughout the world, it is estimated that over 38 million copies of street papers are sold each year. They provide employment for thousands of homeless people as well as a path out of social exclusion.

We are also a member of the North American Street Newspaper Association (NASNA), which is a nonprofit trade association of street newspapers throughout North America. NASNA is the regional support network of the International Network of Street Papers which consists of 110 papers in 40 countries and growing. NASNA has 31 members, 23 in the United States and 8 in Canada… and growing.

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