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Living in a CAR But Reaching For the Stars

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

“Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.” Pras Michel

I was driving east out of Eugene a couple weeks ago, when I saw this guy playing his heart out with a cardboard sign duck-taped to his guitar. I turned around and came back to talk to him. Long story about how he not only lost his job in another state, but was shorted a couple months of hard-earned pay. Between selling his vintage guitar and taking what money he could scrape together, he bought a car and drove to Oregon. He came here with his girlfriend for a 10-hour a week job with hopes of more hours or something better to come along, so they can transition from living out of their $500 car to a rental. The day before I met him, his girlfriend’s appendix burst. So, while he’s out here at this busy intersection playing for dollars, she’s in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery. If he can come  up with enough cash, they have the possibility of moving into a cheap rental that’s about 20-miles out of town. Despite their dire circumstance, this guy appears to remain cool under pressure; focused on turning their situation around, he’s looking up and not down, by “reaching for the stars”.

by L.E. Erickson

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