Our Mission

OUR MISSION: Utilizing the facility at Washington-Jefferson Park in Eugene, Oregon.

To assist those members of our community most in need by providing a structured, safe atmosphere that encourages physical fitness and self-reliant community organizing.  The Oregon Vagabond Basketball League/Street Paper instills dignity, increases self esteem, and enhances public safety for the citizens of Eugene. We offer information about community resources through our publication, and a creative outlet for the homeless who write articles for the paper we distribute.

Eugene prides itself as being a great place to live. Indeed, the rest of the nation looks to the West, to Oregon and cities such as Eugene for inspiration. We are admired for being among the most progressive societies on Earth. But these troubled times tend to clutter our minds, allowing far too much complacency to become normal in our society. People thinking that they can’t make a difference results in a terrible waste of Human potential.

The quality of life in Eugene Oregon is closely linked to the level of existence enjoyed by the worst off members of the community. Many people are drawn here from around the nation because this is a state that leads the way regarding the provision of social services.  But we fail to integrate some of these folks into being productive members of society. This is America, and I know we can do better!

The wealth of the United States has been built by a powerful economic system which creates wealth, and drives innovation through a competitive process. Incredible gains have been made, yet in this arena there are both winners and losers. So we cannot be content to blame the victims of homelessness for their condition.

People’s behavior reflects how they are valued by the community, and it’s time for the citizens of this amazing city to reawaken Civic Pride, and take Citizen Responsibility seriously again.  We need to solve the homeless crisis in a meaningful way. Our communities should not complacently sit and wait for action by the City. We must become self-reliant neighborhoods.

This is about respecting each other as Human Beings. It’s not enough to protect your own comfort just to live in fear. We must justify ourselves by reaching out to others. Adding police, and building more prison cells will not cure the problems we have as effectively as building more self-esteem and human dignity in ourselves. Educate don’t Incarcerate.

The people who planned this City provided us with a very nice facility near downtown called Washington-Jefferson Park. Shooting Hoops under the Bridge Every Tuesday is an effort to utilize this facility more. Instilling pride and dignity to the community by encouraging team-work and physical fitness the Oregon Vagabond Basketball League and Street Paper offers structure, entertainment, and a safe environment to everyone.

Fear on the streets can sometimes manifest into more bad times. Self-reliant, organized basketball gives the youth of the street an alternative activity to think about, something to belong to, and look forward to each week. Exercise relieves tensions, and the games instill a fun atmosphere to the park. The community deserves to be a peaceful place. As proud Oregonians, in the truly progressive City of Eugene, we aren’t being complacent because we’re not content to wait for change. We the people have to make it happen!

Let Peace Rain On Oregon.