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Interview with David Gerber and The Oregon Vagabond on BlogTalkRadio by The RAYY

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011


View Jed Reay’s interview with David Gerber at September 21, 2011 The Success Curve Show with Guest Host Editor in Chief of “The Oregon Vagabond” Newspaper David Gerber from Jed A. Reay on Vimeo.

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“Join The Conversation with Jed Reay Host of The Success Curve, and Guest Host David Gerber Eugene OR. on September 21, 2011.

David Gerber is the Editor in Chief of  “The Oregon Vagabond”  newspaper.  This newpaper is dedicated to stories, news and feature articles about the life of the homeless.  The plight of the homeless is growing and growing daily.

Join the conversation on September 21, 2011  and find out how David’s passion to bring the stories of the street to the main stage.  Join David and I as wee discuss this dificult situations.

So please join us Wednesday September 21, 2011 for some powerful, thought provoking conversation, at 7:00pm PT 10:00pm ET for another episode of  “The Success Curve” on…  Comcast channel 29 in Eugene and Springfield, OR.

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Join the conversation with Jed and David for an amazing conversation of a journey towards success!”